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The speech of Al Samir
founder of the egyptian democratic party
to the Egyptian Nation, March 2005



Headings of  the speech of Al Samir to the Egyptian Nation, March 2005


The Egyptian democratic party was born from the national will of the Egyptian people. Their legality she draws from the contrast to the illegalities of the perishableness, complete anarchy, suppression and immorality, but particularly from the source of errors and unjustness, which meets in the people's court. It does not live from the iIlegality of the forced power robber dictatorship of Mr. Hosni Mubarak and his speech from 26 February 2005, his speech sounds hollow, drivelling of several allegedly admitted illusion candidates and is full of more brilliantly lengthened and interpretable fantasy, unrealistic feeling complexes with the faith in wizardry as well as narcotics for the people.

There is nothing to be afraid of but the fright by itself. Democracy and liberty being rooted on internal strength is more honorable and is higher appreciated than a reaching the same goals by assistance of foreign interference.

With myself I made an alliance to tear apart the bondage of the Egyptian people and also the captivity of my homeland Egypt and the imprisonment of the Arab people.

Under the current ruling power the condition worsens progressively. Already tomorrow we will moan that we don't have the situation anymore with which today we are dissatisfied. It is very simple to only talk but troublesome to also accomplish an experiment.

The speech of the illegal forced power robber dictator, Mr. Hosni Mubarak from 26 February 2005. It sounds hollow, is drivelling of several allegedly admitted illusion candidates  and is full of more brilliantly lengthened and interpretable fantasy, unrealistic feeling complexes with the faith in wizardry as well as narcotics for the people.

The obvious stirrer and illegal forced power robber dictator Mr. Hosni Mubarak instigates the Egyptian people in the country at the Nile to corruption, unmethodical anarchy, diffraction and criminality.

The alleged sovereignty of the legislation, the justice and neutrality of the law. The counterfeit and forgery of this horrible truth.

The dictator power robber in Egypt Mr. Hosni Mubarak exercises Charakterdelikte and offenses as kind of sport.
In Egypt it is an adventure without order by the ruling power to create a party or campaign as a candidate. The Ghad party (Ghad=Tomorrow), its president and the American patronage with their  behavior have searched the end instead of the beginning.
The ruling powers regard corruption, hipocricy and fraud, in whose sea they swim as a kind of sport.

The dictator power robber in Egypt does not have coworkers but celebrators, which for his holyness with one another are in competition. He is a presence without future and a black mark in history.

The largest disaster it is, if a power robber with limited abilities is reigning.

The unfair, using chicanery, terroristic, inhuman, barbarian, tataric, destroying, bestial and unmethodical exceptive laws  destroy and disturb the people, bind the liberty, are uncivilized and cement a power, which is not supported by the people but is forced upon it. These exceptive laws are now a quarter century in force and thus no more exceptions but a steady rule, as long as this power robber occupying power remains.

The wrong statement of a stability and the liberty fairy taleful described by the power robber Mr. Hosni Mubarak is in truth an inconceivable descent and fall of a starving, besieged, caught people and a continuing destruction of its economics.

The inheritants of the power robber only carry principles and badge slogans in front of them, which are convertible on probation however unfortunately only. They trade with political scrap, which is outdated already for a long time, and is carried out by terrorists and to be exterminated.

A power robber and the "Gomalikya state" or the mutation of a kingdom to the hereditary republic. Gomalikya is a fusion from the Arab terms for Gomhouria = republic and Malikya = kingdom.

The inheritants in the Gomalikya state and the inevitable appropriation of the supremacy.
The power authorities try to prevent each change of power in the country with unapologetic martial terror and with cruelty to defend their "achievements" and machinations.


A really free presidency election must be accessible for each mercy-bringer (note of the editorship, Arab: Mubarak = mercy-bringer).

The truth about the Egyptian people, its view about devotion and loyalty, misdoings and sins lie neither in its nature nor are developed with its birth.

An upright willful attitude to reach the hopes of the Egyptian democratic party and a striving to achieve the highly put goals with the Egyptian people.

The dictator power robber in Egypt cannot solve a problem, because he is the problem himself.

A demand to the power robber in Egypt that he lets conciliate logic and understanding, thinks of the future of Egypt and particularly of his own future,  considering the continuous simmering within the people and in expectation of a volcanic rising of the people, which represents a precariously high danger  to put everything left to pieces.

Adventures and risks of the power robber in Egypt. With a tenacity he sticks to the robbed power inheritance by the current masked of referendum with the alleged statement to permit several candidates. This referendum is artificial and with dishonor covered, deliberately compelling, a comedy and stinks like rot.

The power robber loves the play of the referendum which he celebrates like a wedding and he absolutely further wants to possess the robbed power inheritance whether by the past obviously mummified referendum or the current masked referendum with the alleged statement to permit several candidates, that takes place only in the light of and formalistic to further continue his "occupying power".

The power robber, Mr. Hosni Mubarak and his untrue statement over its past alleged popularity in the referendum, whose prostitutes of results were from the beginning predetermined.

The dictatoric power robber in Egypt and the devine percentage for the one and only candidate with the forced referendum, published in this comedy. This devine percentage is a disgusting and  cheap propaganda and a stupefaction maneuvre to suffocate the people will.
Both the earlier obvious referendum trick as well as the current masked referendum with the alleged statement to permit several candidates are deliberately forced, falsified, whose prostitutes of results were from the beginning fixed.

Die Wahrheit über die Nationale Partei als Alleinherrscher im Staat auf Grund des unverschämten Referendums.

The truth about the national party as autocrats in the state due to the impudent referendum.

The truth about the alleged public opinion, the symbolic illusory opposition and the decoration shop window to propaganda.

The terrible crisis of the destroyed economic life in Egypt, the avoidance of an escalation of tapering of their causes and welfare treatment measures against it.

Some central vital problems of our daily life, their core causes and reasons, their treatment and rudiments for solution.

The problem of the price increase and inflation is a fertile soil for corruption and a corrupt society.

Problems in the bureaucracy and the daily routines have their origin in the massive assembly-line production of laws, resolutions, decisions, regulations and stipulations of the legislation.

There are still other problems our homeland much suffers of. E.G.: The housing problem as one of the largest tragedies in our social life, which characters of humans spoils because no payable housing space is made available.

Egypt has the best prerequisites for the reconstruction of its economics and social security by its largest treasure, the high population potential.

The problems of the economy and the social society cannot be solved by the dictatorship power robber because he is the problem himself. Trying to solve these problems by its terror attacks is no assistance, but a cruel battle bank for the conditions to rise the national product of the state.

Under the current ruling power no end is foreseeable for the suffering condition and the scarceness of the means of subsistence of the majority of the people and for the sinking tendency of the economy.

Force and radicalism originate from the germ cell of the miserable economic situation for many years and the state terror by the uncivilized exceptive laws.
The basis for worthy personhod and humanity is destroyed by application of dictator injustice, torture and cruel, inhuman physical and mental liquidation in the dungeons.

Emigration and work abroad is a return to the dark, awful and horrible Ottoman occupation force age and a return to the dark age of Egypt.

Egypt lives today essentially on transferred goods, breeding places for pleasures and of the tourism, firmly in hands of a herd of assistants of the ruling powers, opportunists, leeches, hypocrites and profiteers.

Social and material way of life of the different people layers in the dark present and uncertain future.

Apart from the epidemic disease layer of the herd of ruling power assistants, opportunists, leeches, hypocrites and profiteers the people is divided into three groups: Occupation and specialists (blessed group) - redundant workers, largest victims and eyesore in the history of the power robbers (beggars) - inhuman terrorists and dangerous forces of the ruling powers (God will punish them).

The power robber converts the classy goals of the armed forces and uses these against the people in the country instead of as usual against the enemy abroad.

The well-known principle of the true democracy, and not uncontrolled growth democracy.
The real liberty for a decent life, and not suppression terror.

The only open fateful course and the heavy choice for the Egyptian people.

There are four ways for each Egyptian citizen:

The required possibilities and the only path in the political activity in the direction of a better life in Egypt.

The Egyptian abroad and his permission situation, his present and future.

The absolute passivity of the Egyptians abroad and the will-o'-wisp-illusion-statement of security.

The Egyptian democratic party and the moral strength, on which she can rely for her existence and continuation.

The Egyptian democratic party and the current financial situation, on which she can rely for her existence and continuation.

The power robber in Egypt, Mr. Hosni Mubarak, ignored my letters, I had written to him to help my homeland, which were printed also in the newspaper AL-AMAL and he seized thousands of copies of the newspaper AL-AMAL (THE HOPE). That at that time left a very bad impression in the world public.

The Egyptian democratic party is hope in the current time.

My hopes for Egypt in the implementation of the goals and principles of the Egyptian democratic party and the project 'river of hope'.

If our silver times lie since a few hundred years behind us, then our golden times lie in front of us for a few hundred years.



The full speech at present is available in arabic language only. If you are interested in supporting us by translating it into english you are welcome and you may be sure the egyptian people will be grateful if you do so. The translation can be mailed to , thanks in advance.

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