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Speech to the Egyptian people of Al Samir, the founder of the Egyptian Democratic Party about politics, economy and the social situation in Egypt. (Summary)

English translation, no. 2 of March 21st 1988


May be our good times lie a few hundred years behind us, but our better times for another few hundred years lie in front of us.

Constantly worsening conditions in Egypt don't tolerate any more patience. Situations we do not agree with today, we will bemoan a few months after and wish we had them back.

The votes meant to cement the position of the ruling military has no foundation and no legal support within the  Egyptian constitution.

The votes are an attempt to hide a system behind a democratic shield, which in truth is a despotic tyranny.

Stability in the vocabulary of the military domination means: Stability of their feet above the breath of the nation.

The military domination converts the army into a suppressing force that smothers the freedom of the nation.

The tragedy in the history of Egypt is that its leaders gain their leadership only by force. It has never happened, that they reach it at the request of the nation and with free polls.

The democracy of the military domination is an uncontrolled growing one, a devil plant, in the territory of the dictators.

A military or nation coup d'etat announces his destinations and mottos only 'on probation'.

Services of the military domination only with debts do without learning from the great crash of the Egyptian country in the time of king Ismail.

The success reports of the presently ruling military Mubarak do not agree with true facts.

The national party (the ruling party) due to her unnatural origin is little efficient and only shows weak effects.

The national party, not the people as elsewhere usual, decides the admission of a new party.

The ruling military is an eternal ruler - the military or nation coup d'etat create a kind of royal domination system or inheritance monarchy.

The government terror and nation terror resulting from that lead to the destruction of what is still remaining from our native country.



Speech to the Egyptian people of Al Samir, the founder of the Egyptian Democratic Party about politics, economy and the social situation in Egypt. (Full version)

Egyptian nation!

I am very pleased to talk to you. The situation and circumstances our blessed country is suffering from at present doesn't tolerate to patiently wait any longer. Ways towards improvement from this stage disallow passivity, fear, diffidence and indifference.

They necessitate unavoidably that we all oppose to these sad states with courage and bravery and try to support a revival and prosperity with our best strengths and with all our abilities in order to realize all our hope dreams.

We must get away from the passivity and begin without delay because the states do not take any queuing anymore.  Situations we do not agree with today, we will bemoan a few months after and wish we had them back.

The letters and phone calls applying for membership in the Egyptian Democratic party gave me a strong impulse to continue passes of the party for improved life conditions and to encourage people with better than my modest abilities to leave their demureness and put in effect our hopes in our future with the aid of God and all of us.

At present we experience the cruellest, most shameful and dishonourable tragedy in our history. Unfortunately the world recognizes the Egyptian nation deserves no better than current conditions and is satisfied with its part in this tragedy and for the sake of  its safety with the most inferior standard of living because it accepts to loose its present and perhaps its future too by its fatal passivity. It lives in a hell of dictators and tyrants called "democracy" and under suppression and bondage called "freedom".

We are a nation with culture and civilization rooting deeply. Reasons for we stayed behind and aren't capable to carry on developing either, are bondage and paternalism through the ruling systems that prevent our freedom to do so.

The Egyptian individual became a burden for the state and this way lost his responsibility feeling, the inner relationship to the homeland disappeared, a feeling of failing, indifference and passivity spread and that reflects onto the personal and national behaviour.

We must accept the democracy with her genuine content and the freedom of intelligence and thoughts as they are known in the free world in order to avoid a rising in a primeval forest society where the large one swallows the small one without grace and the powerful uses the weak without regard.

(The following Chapters are compressed extracts of the original speech.)

The uncontrolled growth democracy of the dictators

The fetters: We must tear down humiliation and suppression and rise above the grids of the barbarian laws of exception of the ruling military, that they impose on us whenever it suits them to protect their uncontrolled growth democracy. The wealth of laws, if all carried out could bring the whole Egyptian nation into prison, is not sufficient to them.

The votes are hidden weaknesses, fear to face the rival and lacking self-confidence

The comedy of the forced votes is a cheap trick only to deceive nation and opposition and tries to manipulate healthy human intellect. The trick with the vote is an expressed dull comedy in all dictatorial countries of the world.

Proclamations of these "divine" percentages with their phantastic results is a cause for laughs and jokes.

The vote is born in the cradle of the dictator-system. The cruel and despotic ruler uses it to cement his power, to found his tyranny and flees to it hiding behind it, fearing free polls that would uncover that his lying claims about popularity and the love people offer him, in reality are manipulation and forgery.

The flight into the vote is a hidden weakness, fear of a juxtaposition with the challengers, lacking self-confidence, protection for the untrue content about popularity; it satisfies the complex of arrogance which gives the militaries the feeling the leading role is a charisma for them.

Hardly a military ruling surrenders to the nation will. The present military ruling, Mubarak despises this nation will, due to the unfair, gigantic strength he has which allows him autocracy and protects his power.

The vote is a cheap attempt to spread a democratic garment over a system which in truth is a dictatorial, tyrannical autocracy.

The vote intended to fixate the ruling one, according to the present Egyptian condition, does not have any legal basis

The vote allows as it is stipulated in the present condition the majority in the parliament to nominate the president for 6 years without regard that this majority might lose her weight with her voters in time and possibly after 4 years has no more a majority. Therefore the president himself usually dissolves the parliament after half the legislative mostly with the reason that the parliamentary election was forged and manipulated.

If then a new majority in the parliament is found, the present fabulous condition does not offer her any possibility to nominate a premiership candidate of her choice, that is there is not any justice at an alternation of the majority, and in this way the president will rule another 2 to 6 years without having a majority in the parliament or through the nation.

Even if the whole nation would agree on a specific premiership candidate who is not identical with the nominee of the parliament, the nation can't win because the parliament majority would prevent that and does not allow a free election. That is, the authority originally in the hands of the nation shifts onto a representative (in the parliament) which if he leaves his place in the parliament mostly is accused, having reached his place through forgery at the election. It is against all democratic rules if the authority is not handed over to the nation.

It is not right to name this derangement and confusion a constitution of a civilized state, it is an irony and a contempt for our intelligence and our intellectual capacity.

This kind of polls forced the tallest majority of eligible voters in the country to do without voting, because the result is planned and known in advance.

People can do little but boycotting the election - as in October 1987 -, because they want no ruler forced on them by the military coup but a leader of their choice and voluntarily elected.

The forced acclamation and the pre-planned result

A few weeks ago in South Korea and Chile moral courage has overmastered the Power-Greedy and Domineering ones.  People sake eliminated the comedy of the acclamation and adjusted the constitution enabling free premiership elections .

Until short before the election it was a firm hope, the present military ruler, Mohammed Hosni Mubarak would take an example and abolish the hassle of the acclamation, the hoax in this age.

The voting result of 97,8 % of yes-votes is a "divine" percentage not even a saint or prophet would reach, not even a ruling anywhere on the world who achieved the highest prosperity for his nation.

If this percentage had been true, "rewarding" the people by exceptive laws would not have been necessary, nor  distribution of authority regarding their execution onto various offices throughout the country.

The international press and media announced according to their correspondents in Egypt, that participation of voters was only 10- 20 %.

Despite of the clear people boycott against the acclamation the organizer of the acclamation-party (the minister of the interior) was not ashamed to proclaim the pre-agreed routine-result.

The cheap propaganda  for the acclamation does not contain the least realistic planning for the present or future on economical or social fields

The cheap propaganda, carried out by advertising- and propaganda-traders calling for applause for the present military ruler on the 5th October 1987 (a day before the polls, during the inauguration ceremony for the subway), caused disgust and disgrace throughout Egypt and the nations and governments of the free world, because there is no reason for pride if one preens oneself over services and projects having been realized only with new loads through debts the country can never pay back.

Building the metro did not heat any exultation for the acclamation as expected by the military ruling one, who didn't care to impose a billion dollar debt on the Egyptian nation. The French government with this debt boosts French companies and supports the unemployed in France.

One does not have anything learned from the large Egyptian failure in the time of king Ismail. (he was forced because of the large national indebtedness - 'national bankruptcy' - starting from 1875 to dispense all Suez channel shares and the gold reserves; and Egypt lost its independence 1882 to England until 1954.)

The current indebtedness and bankrupt are more catastrophic than at that time, because we don't have means for the repayment of the debt, nor for the interest or for food requirements of the population of Egypt.

It is sad that Egypt must beg for more than 70 % of its food; from some countries we receive it as shaming alms, others  require money for it, which we don't have nor know a way to lend it.

Who does not possess its own food, also doesn't possesses his free will, because food dependence is degrading not less than political dependence by occupants.

I am sure the struggling Egyptian public would prefer to walk every day a 4 km underground distance if this billion dollar debt would have been used to convert a few thousand hectares desert into grassland to secure the food supply for itself and the about 1,7 million newborn children in the country.

Sufficient food is a warrant for stability in the countries, poor nutrition and hunger the source of incontinence, anarchy and revolution.

The propagandistic stupefaction manoeuvre with the salary increase is a poison syringe for the Egyptian economy

The increase of the salaries by 20 - 30 % shortly before the acclamation, without economic planning and without production increase, was extensive material for the joke professionals and a fright for the experts of economic politics in Egypt, because it makes appetite for the inflation and price increase-demons.

And this pretended economic recovery brings also an aggravation of the conditions of the foreign creditor countries and makes more difficult the negotiations with the World Bank and/or the international currency fund (IWF) (who require reduction of the subsidies for the basic food). The Egyptian currency sank strongly, investments and trade shrinks and many companies went broke.

The financing of this measure by reprint of money, without simultaneous production increase, leads the country into total failure, even if they do not make an official declaration, as usual in dictator countries.

Nothing new in the 2. Throne period. The success reports are not identical to the truth

In the speech from the throne of the current military-governing after the 2nd mounting the throne of the military state there were not any news and no plans for the future of the country, only general empty promises, and he knows first that they can't be carried out without support by the people and co-operation with the people.

The people does not stand behind him, because it never forgives him having forced the nation will down, its efforts and destroyed its fighting spirit and has robbed it of its hopes for a better life. And all this to attach his power  trough his dictatorial tyrannical poll.

He started the 2nd throne period with new promises for a new start, presented an old cabinet as a new cabinet; a new five-year plan, without saying how to finance it; new hopes (game on gain of time).

I would not like to commentate the whole speech from the throne, but refer nevertheless to some points, which concern our nourishing security and affect the political and economical dependence.

As first achievement in its speech he mentioned, the agricultural surface was extended after he had proceeded with decided hardness against the decay of the agriculture by the demolition of the valuable alluvium for use for clay bricks. Two days before the speech a large, full-page article in the official newspaper 'Akhbar El Yom' had appeared : The clay brick dashes laws down. Since the laws 1985 forbade clay brick production, the number of factories for that doubled and die agricultural surface was damaged and accordingly reduced.

I did not expect that the present military-governing doesn't know what he is saying, or he doesn't read his official newspaper, or despite his military training he also is innocent how to impose 'decided hardness' against the destruction of the agricultural surface and the modest residue of the alluvium. (Because of the embankment dam there is no more replacement of the Nile mud. )

Then I expected a denial or an excuse of the journalists, that their report was unfounded, or another country is meant, and that the governing means what he says and knows what in the country happens. However, unfortunately no excuse of the journalists was published.

After one month, assuming that people had forgotten the contradicting remarks, again a law was issued against the destruction of the agricultural surface and waste of the little remaining Nile-mud, as an alteration of the old law of 1983. That means: Without improvement by alteration laws are not enforced and no one knows if the improved laws again need an alteration and again an improvement. No surprise, because the Secretary-General of the governing national party issuing this law, at the same time is vice-Prime Minister, Secretary of Agriculture and a Minister for agricultural development and still holds other positions. No human being has the energy and time to do a good job on all these places simultaneously, consequently salaries are given away without service in return.

Every military and political leadership in history has their certain time

In the 50's Egypt needed a military leader (English occupation, wars and fights), therefore the star of the bloody dictator Gamal Abdel Nasser came up brilliant  in these years. He is the founder of the military dynasty (hereditary monarchy), which up to now controls power in Egypt.

Starting from the 60's, when the country needed a political governing, Nasser failed and took the country into irresponsible, for country and people painful adventures. By him and his military-governance-heirs Egypt was destroyed and since belongs to the poorest countries in the world.

In modern history there are examples: In Germany in the 30's Hitler as politically governing had reached large success in the economy and an increase of the prosperity in the country, but he failed at the beginning of the 40's, when he played militarily governing and destroyed the country. - England needed military-governance during the 2nd world war by admiral Churchill, but after the war it needed a political governance for the reconstruction. Exactly the same is true for  general de Gaulle in France: during the 2nd world war and later again during the Algeria war his military governing was needed, afterwards no more; the other times a political governing was reigning.

Characteristics of the current military leader, Mubarak

With the menace they otherwise would boycott the elections, national-minded in Egypt of the military-governing demanded a program and clear plans for the next six years of the 2nd government period. But he rejected energetically provocatively, because he doesn't have a program and (like a beggar) stands at the door of God. His supporters and his propaganda focused on his personal good qualities and manners as if the elections were the confirmation about a leader of a religious sect, and talked about his drill, determination and military success as if the Blessed Country would be converted into a military school and searches a director.

Good behaviour and integrity and patriotism are in the nature of the Egyptian people and not a privilege of the leader opposite the led ones.

The meaning of 'stability' with the military rule

Stability and security in the military power system mean security and stability for the military throne in the country.

The current situation in Egypt doesn't show the least stability in the political life, because in 6 years 4 Prime Ministers and numerous Ministers were replaced, and there is not the least stability in the economy, with a giant inflation rate and a price increase excess.

The important reason for the economy decay and the national bankruptcy is keeping open the source of indebtedness, in order to continue the power of the current military-governing, because he is calm, easygoing, obedient and the continuation of his domination, with further decay of the economy and social situation in Egypt, weakens weight and influence of Egypt in the international world.

The seasonal change of Prime Ministers and Ministers

Objective for the permanent change on the posts of the Prime Minister is to subdue the rage and the dissatisfaction of the nation and the miserable conditions. Dissatisfied nations are inclined to an alternation, feel satiety and hope for better conditions. Unfortunately changes in Egypt happen as a fall and total refusal of the present situation, instead of an improving continuation that learns from mistakes.

The current Egyptian constitution is custom-made for dictators and tyrants and lends to the governing unrestricted rights, suitability and dignity and permits not any criticism or resistance or contestation by the parliament or the people.

In spite of that his ministrants and the profiting ones call it a democratic republican government without being ashamed.

The constitution gives the right to the governing to dissolve the parliament at any time and to waive the immunity of the delegates, he can't stand anymore or to defrock them. In this way faith and loyalty are tied to the governing, not to the people, as otherwise usual. The 4 -Year-period of the parliament therefore depends on the amount of granted rights, praise and acceptance for the military-governing, like for a saint without animadversion, whose instructions come from heaven and whose speech is to be considered as historical.

Propaganda and information-traders are ashamed about the election comedy and keep quiet about her result

After the election-show suddenly the large rejoicing of the government propaganda dealers grew silent, as in a funeral for the polls, because they never thought the nation boycotts the election to a degree which can not be outdone.

With this deep silence, instead of rejoice expected, they try not to lose the respect of their international colleagues asking questions how it can be possible, to reign Egypt without support and agreement with the people. And how reconstruction should happen, while there is a secret cruel war between the tyrannical governing, with his military power and an unarmed, suppressed nation; this war wastes the whole energy of both sides.

The unfair authorities of the army and the terror laws of the military-governing encounter a secret embittered nation resistance, which tries to calm down and answer back, by work lacking, destruction of state property and counterterrorism. That is the natural echo of every nation in history against such a kind of government, gagging and binding her, in order to suppress her.

The boycott of the forced upon acclamation by the people could not eliminate the military ruler from his throne. There is not any evidence the people boycotted the acclamation, except the eye-witnesses, and there is no opponent, who would have the right to check the counting of the voices.

The military-governing knows, in time this disaster of the polls and the manipulation of the result will be forgotten.

And the barbaric exception laws will prevent every least revolt; Rebellions helped in some dictatorial countries to abolish the tyranny for example Philippines, Iran, South Korea, Chile. For that his military regime cannot survive a day without state of emergency.

The military ruler finds his only support by the strength of the military and not by the people, and he is a presence without future and remains a black mark in history

The military ruler cannot serve normal citizens and show the balance, because he uses his strength and energy, in order to serve his supporters of the army officers, because he cannot stay at the power without their support.

The people of its confidence are desirous to stay in their position and prevent that there is replacement for them.

The Egyptian experiment proves that these people despite their large cheering and admiration for the military-governing while he is reigning, soil his reputation and honour if he is no longer in power.

The forced upon military ruler is a presence without future: as much as he is  praised and blessed and glorified during his era, just as much his honour and personality will be shredded and his fame will be cursed in the future.

Revolution always eats her children

The true face and the restricted ability of the leaders of a military coup to govern a nation, is uncovered day after day, because they always run against the wind of the nation will. This wind tears down the many masks they wear, one by one until ultimately a completely other face shows up than the one they reached power with.

Which I do not understand is their loud call, their always repeated speech : The nation has the authority, the nation has the word, the nation has the decision. I do not know which nation they mean.

History proves, without exception the fact that each revolution or each putsch whether by the military or by the people, without grace eats their children. But the coming unfortunately do not learn, they always think, they are more clever and better and stronger. Their domination starts with a big triumph and rejoicing and victory arches, with proclamation of big objectives and with shining, seductively sounding mottos, however their domination unfortunately always ends up with ruin und complete failure for country and terrible poverty and misery and a deranged nation.

The current military ruler believes he is able to deceive the nation if he only over coats the structure of the old era.

About the vital problems, affecting our dear country

In this speech I would like to address three of the vital problems, but will not go into depth about their treatment by the military domination and about the results, which are well-known by all.

Best I will show the heart and the causes and proposals for solution for these problems, only that is useful for country and nation.

1. Bureaucracy and routine in the country

I would like to begin with the problem of the bureaucracy, a cancerous ulcer at the life vein of Egypt, which spreads rot, without grace and without tiredness.

The problem hides in uncontrolled, generous, plentiful production of laws and their alteration, decrees, definitions, regulations. Unfortunately the problem is increased very much after the Egyptian military rulers thought that each problem or each crisis was to be solved by exception laws or president decrees, which became a tearing flood.

The majority in the parliament is a legacy of the military rule and she doesn't do anything but clapping applause and glorify the ruler, laud and praise his wisdom and his holy decisions; in order to avoid being accused by the nation that she its sleepy and careless, she fills her boring time by letting rain new laws again and again. This infectious disease was transmitted to the Ministers who produced an enormous amount of ministerial orders, as in a race with the time.

I doubt there is a possibility a civil servant or other responsible party can know his or her duties nor which rights citizens have in such a dense jungle of laws, issuing and alterations.

Therefore each official or responsible person flees unintentional violation or injury of any law, and burdens up a colleague with the responsibility if possible or shifts die decision on tomorrow, and again on tomorrow.

In this way the normal citizen (who can't count on any relationship) turns with the mill-wheel of bureaus and government offices, until he finds an official, who sacrifices himself and signs his papers, which encourages many other colleagues to sign beside it. In this way the responsibility is  scattered far, away of the shoulder of an individual official. From that the bribery arises as security guarantee for the devoted official, and it grows and flowers as distinction and reward among the colleagues of this official.

With growth of inflation and the wild price increases the bribes became vital for the officials, because their monthly salaries currently are not even sufficient to support life of a domestic animal. Therefore most officials take over an extra job next to their main activity for the state, which they consider as a time to relax and recover, and they look at the meagre salary of the state as a subsidy or aid money.

The behaviour of the civil servants is a massacring of national production (over 90 % of the national workers are officials) and this bleeding of the productivity will not be stopped trough orders or disgrace or sermon or the patrol visits of the military-governing on the jobs, which his propaganda calls 'battleground visits' and is meant to spread fear and terror amongst people, just as if the core problem would be discipline and order.

The habit of the military-governing is, to expect discipline and order and a solution for each problem by military law and order.

May be this kind has success in the army, because she isn't troubled by daily problems and doesn't have to fight for vital things like food, clothing and accommodation. If man doesn't find, what satisfies his hunger or covers his body or a roof above his head, he rebels and grumbles over everything and refuses obedience to the law.

Death through lead is not any crueller and does not hurt more than the death through starvation or freezing in the open air. There is no punishment even if blessed by law more cruelly than suffering the daily life in Egypt.

To lock the hell of bureaucracy and routine in the country and to ease the enormous daily sufferings, we must stop all the laws and decrees, as far as they are unnecessarily for the life in the state and create stable, permanent laws and stop the rash, wild production of laws in the government offices and define responsibility.

In order to destroy corruption, insincerity and nepotism, we must introduce the holy divine law, which creates a worthier life for each citizen and gives to him the vital necessities and sets prices in relation with salaries. The problem is not the height of the salary but the amount of vital goods one can get for the salary.

That means the end of passivity and indifference against the homeland country, and likewise the putrid ness, frauds, rebellion, disobedience and all kind of corruption.

2. Confinement of the people energy and strength of the democracy

The 2nd problem is the strange party law, which protects the governing national party against each effective competition; it binds the energy of the people and prevents that its free will expresses its hope freely in a democratic framework.

It is a misery and very regrettable, that the present military ruling desperately holds the power he inherited even if the situation leads to a civil war or a nation revolution. In order to keep his power he insists on his post, because he can never win in a free election, and he adheres to the ridiculous party law in order to close all ways for the foundation of a genuine nation party on a basis that comes of the nation, not of the government.

I legend you faithfully and honestly: the Egyptian democratic party never wanted and rejects a people revolution or a civil war strongly.

After what Egypt went through up to now at experiments, it can not put up with a nation revolution dissolving the military revolution, because this way nothing new would be achieved for the blessed country. If demolitionists fail with their putsch they are condemned as a high treasoneers, and if they have success, they are celebrated and recognized as big heroes.

In truth they are only adventurers. Unfortunately they announce mottos, which they can stamp into themselves only with difficulty because of lack of conviction; therefore they hardly have success, and afterwards they concentrate on eliminating each other and use their power and energy protecting themselves against the nation they deceived. Then tyrannize it with the strength of their power and barbaric laws until it cushes.

The present parties were forced upon the nation by the government, they are provisional arrangements and decoration parties, tightening the diabolic mask of the 'democracy' on the face of the military regime and thus preventing the cruel, tyrannical, real face from appearing.

These decoration parties are in Egypt since 11 years. They did not do any step forward, but steps back, they are in coma. The military-governing holds his existence provisionally alive and appoints their leaders by decree as members of parliament to keep up his reputation.

Leading people of the ruling national party and the decoration shadow parties have been comrades under the dome of benedictions and good deeds of the 'socialist union' (over decades the only party), and they grow and wallow in the garment of the dictatorial tyrannical system and prosper in its dark atmosphere and suck slave-milk from its chest and walk in circle with blindfolded eyes at its water wheel till their breath stagnates. Therefore they are washed-out and useless for the task of building up their country.

The crushed Egyptian people is accustomed by the military domination to dare to act or make decisions without ministerial permission or official decree.

In addition the military rule requires of the people that it regards the parties as official government agencies and their continuation or dissolution depends on government desire, not of the wish of the nation.

The national party (the governing party) shows little achievement and weak effect on the people; she does not trust the people because she gets support for heir existence of the government, not from the nation. Leading people of the party don't like to hear this truth, although many of them said regret tingly this painful truth in the past themselves, while the national party existed under various other names : 'liberation organisation' (starting from 1953), 'national union' (starting from 1956), 'socialist union' (1961 - 1977).

The reason for the bad condition of the national party comes from its birth illness, which she will carry along all her life: she is created and grown in the lap and shade of the authority of the state and not on the natural way of the origin of a party; because normally and usually a party develops on the shoulders of the members of groups, that fight for her basic principles and convictions and for their native country and reach power with support and the wish of the nation.

The national party is due to her unnatural origin a refuge for opportunists, hypocrites, profit vultures and windbags - believing in nothing but their own profit and position.

They are ready to leave the party and renounce from each relationship to her if she is dissolved, in order to follow a new coming, powerful party where they can play the same game again.

Such a party (national party), dependent on sponsorship by the government authority for her office buildings, household and in every other aspect  of her existence, must be a shade, slave and appendix of this authority and know, disappearing of this authority also means her very own end.

On the other hand, parties supported by the people, can survive whether they are reigning or in opposition.

The national party is far away from the nation, despite her claim about her alleged popularity. Her origin was made public via a republic decree under the name 'Egyptian party' (which held only a few months) at the same time with other parties (decoration parties), prior to setting up a suitable leadership. After the party leaders were found they started a search for a program and principles. Thereafter distribution of the inheritance of the 'socialist union' begun and as usual brought conflicts with it between the leaders of the present parties, who were comrades before jubilant under the same slogans.

The total amount of members of all current parties in Egypt doesn't sum up to more than 1 % of the eligible voters.

The passivity of an un-estimated remainder of voters influences a great deal the course of the public life, dragging waste and decay behind it in all fields of the economy or social security. The political field suffocates gradually, because the acting government agencies are in one valley and the legislative parliament argues in another valley. And the nation has nothing more before her eyes and can do little but beg to God and pray.

The parties-law - a ridiculous provocation

The heart of the parties-law is as illogical as the constitution. It has been made by court jesters of the military domination.

For the permission of a new party an application must be made at the central committee (a committee appointed by the president and made of members of the parliament, created especially for the permission of new parties), which is guardian for the underage nation (not people but the central committee decide this case). The enormous majority in the central committee (90 %) comes from the national party, the party of the military government, that is the national party has the decision on the birth of a new party. She will never approve of a new party, which possibly competes with it or replaces it at the top of authority and the government. I never heard of such a committee in any democratic country in the world.

The party law stipulates as a necessity that all parties must hold to the inevitable socialist solution; this inevitable, fairytale-full solution, with which the Egyptian people must live since 27 years, in economic and social fields brought catastrophes and recession over our country.

This game with the 'fairy tale of poor and rich' is a kind of promises to ride the horse of human suffering; it is the favourite game of every forced domination over the people.

She regards this immoral and inhuman way as justice, in reality is it injustice.

I do not want to discuss here each paragraph of the party-law, just a few paragraphs of this very funny law.

4 insists on that goals and principles of a new party must differ completely from those of an existing one. But the paragraph does not take into account that all presently approved, official parties possess all goals and principles in the political work, but they carry out nothing of it and don't even know how they would have be to be carried out, but they regard them as their monopoly.

15 allows the central committee which by 90 % consists of parliament representatives of the national party to demand from the military constitutional court that a party be dissolved and her money und possessions be seized. Then the central committee decides about how and where the money is to be used - and all this, if a party to be dissolved hurts only one of the origin conditions. That is this article allows a few persons to pass the death judgment on parties which maybe collected millions of the nation around them.

23 necessitates that there are at least 10 parliament representatives among their members for the foundation of a new party. The joke is, that the now existing 'decoration parties' (next to the national party empowered by the president) never reached 10 either before or after their foundation (some have due to the manipulated elections none, others just one or two members of parliament and the president then appoints by decree another one or two out of the party leaders), i.e. purpose of the party-law is an unequal treatment newly formed parties (against the arrived ones it pushes).

Loyalty has to be paid first and last only to the nation which must pay the bill for all which happens in the country.

We must change the present understanding of loyalty in our political work, after we experienced in a painful way that loyalty is practiced for the super ordinates on expense of the subordinates. Loyalty in political work must be given back to the nation, who really has the right on her and  in the end pays the bill for everything that happens in the country, with her energy and blood.

And we must stop all stupefaction and delusion experiments, which are made with glittering promises and false hopes.

The military or nation coup announce their goals, principles and mottos, but unfortunately with 'suspended execution '.

We must plant a grain for a new era, founded on truth and open, honest speech, far from all putsch whether military or nation coup, because each putsch regrettably carries basic principles and slogans with 'suspended execution '.

3. The barbarian laws enacted in the 7th year of the state of emergency valid without interruption and existing military courts to mean that in Egypt no stability and safety exists, and the natural and normal life gets lost in dead-end streets.

The problem of the government and people terror and its terrible consequences for our native country.

The third problem is the government and nation terror, that developed strongly and got almost out of control leading to destruction of what is still remaining of our country.

The nation terror is the collecting-result of the mistakes of the military government, with her wrong opinion that inner safety and stability can be realized if the brain of the Egyptians is in their hand, or is held under pressure by their own morality ideology and terrorization.

That caused the Egyptian youth to choose the way of extremists, in the shade of this content less ideology and the absence of conversation and discussion. The youth was encouraged to violence and terror by the speeches of the murdered dictator Al-Sadat, in which he ever again repeated reports, whether sited or un-sited, about his arrest and captivity, his affiliation in terror organizations (he calls them hero organizations) and participation in the murders of higher politicians during the king time, where he was very proud of.

His propaganda apparatus named him a hero and a fighter and a brave and courageous nationalist, and swarmed about his bravery, and that he hadn't been a terrorist and an extremist as the regime at that time had called him.

The world was amazed that the great rising of the people took place in January 1977, three months after the dictator Sadat had announced his popularity with the forged voting result (99 %).

He lost his nerves, because the trick with the vote was uncovered, and in an inhuman way and wild and cruel he struck down and destroyed the rebellion by military force (since then there was no rising of the people anymore). After he had lost his confidence in the police which participated in the rebellion, his military force is like an occupying power to the unarmed Egyptian people. On top of that and out of a feeling of revenge he whipped the nation with terror, in order to keep her without grace in barriers for preventing such a rebellion from happening again and to plug everyone's mouth demanding his rights.

And the current military-governing keeps these laws, in order to beckon with them and to threaten, and in spite of their intolerable cruelty he adds still further unfair terror exceptive laws. And he interprets 'liberty' and 'stability' as to live with these laws and calls the burdensome and poisoned atmosphere they create 'democracy'; and the casting of votes under the gloomy protection of these laws he calls 'the free will'.

The army transforms into an oppressive occupation force over their home and nation

The terror net of the military state over the Egyptian nation is completed by installation of terror units named 'auxiliary police', which is formed from  military service-requiring illiterates, who can more easily be formed and programmed, and carry out all instructions without thinking or hesitating like mameluks (slaves or bodyguards of oriental rulers) of the modern time. I saw many of them, working for officers of the army or police, treated worse than servants, getting  ugly insults and disdain-full curses, even beats. It is very unfortunate that the armed forces instead of defending the country and serve the people now defend the regime imposed on the nation and serve in the houses of the higher officers.

The mobile police stands with her armoured vehicles and jeeps at the crossroads in the country, with the finger at the trigger of her submachine guns, like bandits or in state of war with the unarmed nation.

From this each day new sources of hate and bitterness and resistance rise against the military ruler.

Anarchy and incontinence continue, and mutiny and disobedience increase in every field influencing economy, social, education and culture, increasing the suppressed request on cessation of the tyranny of the dictatorial military domination.

The disappearance of morality and human basic principles and for this purpose the tyrannical iniquity are fuel for fanaticism and violence

The military domination is an autocracy, in spite of beautiful basic principles and mottos on her signs. The military ruling stays at power as long as he lives, and he believes, he is an eternal ruler, and he thinks that is an award of every putsch, military or nation coup. Although the military coup took place 1952 against the kingdom, he developed to a kind hereditary monarchy; supported of armed forces and the exception-terror-laws; that leads to hate and activates conflicts and fights.

The government terror with the exception laws, torture and physical and mental destruction in dungeons and prisons, the shrinkage of morality and human principles, and for this purpose the tyrannical iniquity, is fuel for fanaticism and violence and creates nation terror, which I  reject as a dangerous method.

The barbarian exceptive laws change the former 'sunrise visits' (arrests before sunrise) into visiting-actions at any time.

The appearance of the violent extremism in Egypt comes, like everywhere, after a long economical recession and when the standard of living had fallen below a minimum and the violent government methods, and particularly, if the ruler with its military excess and the presumption of his authority locks his ear for each reasonable suggestion, adheres to his throne up to death, and despises the strong will of the nation through a forced vote.

Such condition is associated with degradation of the standard of living of a majority of the people and paves the way for profiteers, corrupt ones and dishonest dealers with the vital necessities for the people, and channels opportunists into sensitive places of power.

The wave of unrest and the suppressed resistance and the given up hope on improvement ferments under the surface, which looks like the peace of a volcano and as if everything is in best order, but fermenting increases until there is a blast a day.

The military-governing shuts his eyes neglecting the reasons and causes of this fermenting, and because he doesn't have a genuine basis in the nation, he tries discipline and power till terror and spreads fright by the barbarian exceptive laws.

He can not distinguish between discipline and power necessary in the armed forces, and his arrogance, to give frightening and fear with his force and violence to the paupers and the nation treated unfairly, attempting in vain with her complaints to reach his ears until violence, extremism and terror develop and grow on the part of the nation and the regime.

Extremism did not come from one day to the next, but is the fruit of long years of miserable standard of living of the tormented people.

Treatment and abolition of the extremism and fanaticism need a practical solution of social problems and removal of the fetters in every life-aspect, e.g. in the government, the Cultural, Political, Law and Order and Education Field; Protection of the liberty of opinion and abolishment of the suppression und restricting the people, and the abolishment of the barbarian exceptive laws.

The housing problem is a social and moral tragedy

Later I will talk about sensitive problems in detail. They affect us and our country suffers a lot from them, e.g. the housing problem:

It changes from a long permanent, unsolvable problem towards a social and moral tragedy, and from a humane to the lowest stage it ever had, and leads most of the generation on a wrong way.

The conviction of many young people, boys and girls of the current generation, grown up with this problem, are penetrated by rot (i.e. they don't have a possibility to found a family or to lead a decent marriage).

The problem of raising prices is a fruitful soil for corruption and dishonesty in the Egyptian society

A further example: The problem of increasing raise in price spreads in cruel and frightening way letting nobody stand it, because it develops to a wild monster alarmingly for the whole nation; and it is a fruitful soil for corruption and dishonesty in the society.

The economy problems are the result of the instability in the economy and the weakness of the ruling

It's high time the Egyptian economy life gets interlinked with considering economic planning taking the economic reality into account as well as the international business trends, far away of the ideals and optimistic dreams the military government plays with pleasurably.

The main causes for our intolerable economic problems are: lacking stability in the state and the economy, financial and monetary policy, speculation in the budgetary planning.

The permanent change of responsible ministers and simultaneous rejecting of their respective plans and decisions, leads to a feeling of lacking economic stability, and everyone waits for the next minister and his plans and decisions.

From there comes the current tremendous depression in Egypt and the indebtedness in the state balance who reached astronomical heights in comparison with the national product.

Our economic problems reach the top of disaster: Growth is stopped, services are reduced, and the supply (river, water, canalization) is destroyed and there is no capital for renewal; indebtedness rises and the treasury is incapable to pay the amortization rates.

The military ruler Mubarak, ignores every nation party and confiscates the newspaper Al-AMAL (THE HOPE)

It hurt me that Mubarak the ruling, , ignored my letter that was published also in the AL-AMAL newspaper; thousands of copies were confiscated as soon as they arrived in Egypt. Since then media and international press reduced news about Egypt considerably.

I postponed this speech and have left time enough after the voting comedy, because I had a quiet hope on the weak possibility that the governing Mubarak, considers to respect the will of the majority of the nation, which had boycotted the forced vote, and resigns from the power that he inherited, or at least complies with the wish of the nation and the free international public opinion and approves a free election of the governing in Egypt.

And I wanted to lend my hand to the military power for a cooperation during the reconstruction of the blessed country and also get to know the real motives of the current military ruler, if to him power is more important than reconstruction of the country? And this reconstruction can't be achieved without support of the complete nation.

But with his absolute military attitude he believes, he could force this support out of the poor people with brutality and by its power demonstrations.

In spite of during six years he has not used available chances - Egypt never in his history has suffered more than in this time - he clings to authority because resigning doesn't comply with military education, but obstinacy and demonstrating strength belong to his characteristics.

I would like to know, what the military-governing, Mubarak, and his propaganda and media-people really mean with their continuously repeated stories about democracy and freedom they announce loudly day and night more than their predecessors, though it is generally known that the main basic principle in real democracy is to freely elect his president and not in a forced acclamation; and the basic principle for freedom that the nation has the right to elect his president, not mediators, brokers and guardians working in the military-ruler parliament.

It is known in history that no ruler that got the authority by armed forces or inheritance gives it up before his last breath, except a state is an economical heap of debris and completely broke, so that his cortege protecting his power and authority can't profit from him anymore, and they start letting him fall neglecting his protection; then his fate is decided upon, either by death on his power chair, or saving his skin by fleeing the country.

The last vote in October 1987 was the greatest disaster for the military rulers (in Egypt) the present military ruler and his cortege  had not expected after the large propaganda.

It would have been enough, if 30 - 40 % of the voters would have participated in the acclamation, in order to accomplish the usual manipulation and to be able to claim that 80 - 90 % would have participated, because there is no one that would have had the right to demand that the counting of the voices is checked. But a 10-20 % participation can't be hidden easily from the nation and international observers, therefore his propaganda apparatus keeps silent and doesn't praise and cheer the announced result like usual.

After this clear, impudent manipulation und falsification of the vote results, there is nobody in Egypt or the free world respecting continuation and forced remaining in power of the military ruling Mubarak, and they negotiate with him as with a man of a military putsch having forced himself on a capitulating nation, as in most countries of the third world.

And the credit-giving nations and institutions start to negotiate very crucially and reservedly about support for Egypt which complicates the economic situation in Egypt still more.

Speeches and promises of the military-governing, Mubarak, are mistrusted and his fairy tales about his 'democracy' and 'freedom' aren't believed anymore; for that he retains the state of emergency and the military right lasting without interruption since 7 years - kept up in other dictatorial countries for at most a few weeks - through that natural life sticks as in a dead-end street.

The Egyptian democratic party is the hope in the present time

The Egyptian democratic party is a human-culturally renewed hereditary property from our deep-rooted Egyptian civilization, and the hope to make an end  to the power tragedy.

This power tragedy is that the ruler of Egypt always, in the whole Egyptian history, lands on the power armchair and the nation has no choice than to accept him; it has never happened that the ruler climbed up, elected from the nation to the power chair.

The constitution of the democracy targeted by the Egyptian Democratic party is free of any kind of dictatorship or a breath of that, and gives the nation the right for free elections, and no possibilities for putsch or revolution, or existence of barbarian terror laws and forced votes, and offers no space for people with corrupt blood, which cheer and praise every new ruler when he comes and curse him when he goes.

The program of the Egyptian Democratic party requires patience, self-assertion and combat capability on its way, because it is directed toward a better future and to correct corrupt situation, which is deeply nested since many 100 years, in which we lived like foreigners in our own country  drowning in made decisions, we have never been part of; and the party is to be the legitimate agent between the ruling and the governed ones.

More than 20 years ago I saw it is necessary that nation parties arise from the nation and with his free consent, and receive his support realizing his hopes. Fulfilling this desperate need is the only way to stop sliding into poverty and suffering, state corruption and destruction in all areas of the homeland.

My hopes for Egypt in the implementation of the goals and principles of the Egyptian Democratic party and the project 'river of hope'

My hopes for the reconstruction of a modern Egypt are based on the realization of the program of the Egyptian Democratic party, which has clear goals, far away from playing games with grand words, treacherous mottos and stupefaction through glistening promises.

The Egyptian Democratic party is the hope of Egypt first of all in the present; I believe, this step to the foundation of a nation party arises for the first time since the military coup 36 years ago. It opens ways and areas for many abilities that want to show to the hopelessness, to the Egyptian nation and to the world that after overcoming of the obstacles and curtains of frights and fear and after removing the veil of the eyes, that the Egyptian Democratic Party is the only one capable, to realize the wanted hopes for the Egyptian nation.

Many nations in the world pay very expensively with their blood and life, to achieve freedom, honour, security and prosperity, but the Egyptian Nation has not fought since the military coup for a better life or seriously moved after that, or at least, encouraged by a minimum of belief, shouted for it.  That speaks against us, not for us.

If the Egyptian nation doesn't wake up from his deep sleep and his silence and the deadly passivity in relation to hopes and high striving, it also will give no hope for a success of the Egyptian Democratic party and that she reaches her goals for a genuine democracy and freedom, honour, security, prosperity and a better life for Egypt and his people.

I hope for our having success with God's aid and the active cooperation of the nation in the fight for improved living conditions which we strive for, not as spectators but as participants; and overcome the obstacles and circumstances that now cause that at a Lot of us  Intelligence and brain are rusting and their abilities degenerate in their home country while their intelligence is shining and their abilities are waking up and develop if they leave the home and emigrate.

Then die children of all generations will find and get their correct time in Egypt.

And our voice becomes clearly understandable, far from tumult, and our striving far from destruction, and our ascent far from fanatism, and our progress far from hatefulness.

I have great confidence to the Egyptian nation and his splendid quality to develop and trace abilities, however it misses basics, means and the corresponding climate, as well as a capable leadership and wise administration.

We need big, attainable goals in a well planned program, which is adapted to the facts and which we believe in. Then we will have success.

We are a nation looking back on a civilisation of 7000 years.

If our silvery time lies since a few hundred years behind us, then our golden time lies before us for a few hundred years

Our thoughts and considerations must point to the future, because the present in which we live now, will be past after a few days, and the future after a short time our present.

We must find a boundary and an end for the fights and arguments, because it is not good for a country and for a state that fights and arguments accompany every era of their history.

I believe that the project 'river of hope' and its bypasses set a border and an end for the destruction and continuing slipping of the standard of living and the hopelessness within all areas in Egypt; and that with that for Egypt and his nation the targeted big goals and hopes are realized.

The democratic construction only needs to free the nation of the enslavement and the fetters that the power systems imposed on him for a long time, allowing him to feel safety and smoothing for his presence and future with that he can establish a strong economy ant thus forward goes in direction of a better life and a better future; and can make up for he missed due to the misery that built up in the painful past and presence.

I ask God for the Egyptian Democratic Party to continue realizing the goals and the hopes of the patient, eternal, deeply rooted Egyptian nation. We all ruling and governed, are children of Egypt, loyal and willing to make sacrifices for the country.

God... leads us on the good way, may happen, what he loves and accepts... God is almighty and the saviour.

Good-bye, so God wants. Peace be with you.


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