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The policy statements of the Egyptian Democratic Party

The idea of foundation of the Egyptian Democratic Party officially was born back in October 1977.
The founder of the Egyptian Democratic Party is Al Samir.
The situation and circumstances in the homeland starting from November 1977 caused a delay in announcing the constitution of the EDP to the public in order to leave time to power-robber Mr. Mohammed Anwar El-Sadat (later murdered) to implement his promises to the people concerning prosperity after his particular private peace step (Camp David). Unfortunately up to his death in 1981 he didn't carry out his promises.

Cause for a renewed delay in announcing was to give the new and current power-robber Mr. Mohammed Hosni Mubarak a chance to achieve the goals of his program for prosperity, which he announced when seizing power. But he unfortunately didn't  even carry out parts of it.

In a proud speech the present power-robber Mr. Herr Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, without any sense of responsibility said, the remuneration of a civil servant in Egypt would not even be adequate to cover for the bare daily bread. Saying this, he practically induced them to a criminal behaviour opening the floodgates  to corruption, immorality, and criminality, because they have no choice than starvation by hunger or to commit criminal deeds.
The current circumstances in the country permit no further delay for an announcement of the constitution of the EDP, even against the will of the current illegitimate ruler. Situations and conditions in politics, the economy and on social aspects do not permit extended hesitation. Therefore the Egyptian democratic party must announce their emergence to the people now and it must be further active and fight, in order to carry out all goals and efforts, desires and hopes of the Egyptian people for a better life. 

The Egyptian Anthem

The important, fundamental goals in the program of the Egyptian democratic party 

  1. Enforcement of a political democracy, which carries out the effective participation of the Egyptian people.

  2. Implementation of a real social justice, in particular health insurance for all citizens whether in an employer-employee relationship or not, as in Germany for over 130 years; Change in the social welfare assistance including necessary conditions to build up a source of existence for an honest life.

  3. Creation of growth and stability in all economic sectors, in order to terminate the swing condition between hoping and resignation, bringing unrest, pain, passivity and attenuation of national consciousness as well as lack in production with it.

  4. Abolishment of the constitution of the power-robber in Egypt, being an unequal-constituted mixture of dictatorship, democracy, anarchy and intemperance, transforming the authority of the people into a decoration and a farce which doesn't protect people but domineers them.

  5. Setting up of a durable constitution, which effectively gives the authority to the people which support it and makes possible a co-operation in the context of a strong, legitimate government, which does not permit a military coup nor a political landslide.

  6. Dissolution and abolishment of the so called council created by the military government. It is to be replaced by a group of constitutional advisors, formed by all province governors, empowered trough free election, not like now by presidential appointment.

  7. Dissolution of the people-parliament, the potentate calls it, which is suitable for a single party only, even if exist next to it - decoration-wise - provisional, gagged and ineffective so called opposition parties.
    New election of the parliament named National Parliament at the same time with the presidential election end of this year 2005.

  8. Abolishment of the national General Sectors, the state-owned factories, companies and shops,  which allegedly, but not effectively are property of the people, in order to stop bleeding to death and wastage of public funds.

  9. Abolishment of the subsidies, restraining economic progress. Creation of a protecting social net for low income earners and stopping the sinking standard of living to achieve a life worth living for the people and to guarantee social support for unemployable.

  10. Progressive improvement of the training, to fit for the modern time in order to cover the need of Egypt at training and specialists and thus serving the planned growth of the economy under serious participation of the youth - our future generation - building the present and future of modern Egypt.

  11. An imminent solution of the national problems: e.g. elimination of the housing shortage by immediate planning of house building; Abolishment of camouflaged unemployment presently hiding over manning in offices and authorities and state-owned companies, which is solved by the project "river of hope" and his branches; Increase of the pensions, in order to make possible a worthy life and improve life conditions in the villages.

  12. Abolishment of the laws, which bind the liberty or prevent establishment of religious or people's parties, annulment of the official press, abolition of censorship within all ranges whether literature, science or art. Final abolishment of the current barbaric and tartaric exceptive laws, grant of all warranties for development of a free press, which mirrors the opinions, desires and hopes of the people.

  13. Transfer of the Egyptian capital to the beach of the "new lake" which develops in the Qattara dip in the west desert in connection with the project "river of hope" and his branches.

    For the present capital with its inhabitant density (17 - 18 million) on a small surface, no improvement of its miserable condition is possible. In addition comes the frightening air pollution adding up to a manifold percentage (5-fold) of the internationally permitted one. The air pollution increasingly worsens the health of the current generation and the coming generations.

  14. Abolition of the prisons whether civilian or military. Egypt will become the only country in the world without prisons. The "sanatorium" for re-education and putting up of moral and health  of criminal elements up to the third degree in the project "river of hope", with his branches, is taken over. Criminals over that degree are in the quarries in the desert at the most under supervision of the military, educated respectively trained.

    Prisons destroy human feelings, take from them their dignity, pride and murder their brains. It is not favourable for the society to contain nasty or malicious people.

  15. Abolishment of the "immoral" criminality, e.g. bribery, nepotism etc., by improvement of the financial situation for all, and creation of ways to a worthy life in order to stop the will to and the crash into such a criminality because of absence of vital necessities.

    The ones who however follow this immorality due to cupidity, money greed and unjustified enrichment, need treatment in the "sanatorium" of the project "river of hope", by education and improvement of moral and health needs and by planting enormous forests in the "large valley" (the valley between the two rivers), to make amends for what they harmed the homeland .

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